Viral Video: Mountain Dew – Locations (update w/pictures)

These are the locations decided upon for the shooting of the Viral Video. The feel that we will be going for is a “300” effect to the video/color correction. Final effect will be “Crushed Colors” (high contrast, etc.)

*locations may change due to weather conditions

  •  (Track&Field especially if snow is still not melted)

One thought on “Viral Video: Mountain Dew – Locations (update w/pictures)

  1. Hi Gents

    Thanks for the info. The crushed color concept will work really well here. (I’m assuming, very generally of course, gray and steely blues for winter and greens/primaries for summer…something like that but crushed is what you’re talking about. I could be wrong…I’m just asking.)

    How do you plan on editing some the content? High speed quick edits…? What type of audio treatment(s) are you thinking about? Will it be just music, vo’s, or will some ‘real environment’ audio such as grunts and groans…trash talking, trees being skied through/environmental sounds, basketballs bouncing etc., etc, be woven in as well…or a combo or something else?

    I’m sure you’ve already thought about some of those ideas and more…but I figured I’d toss them out there anyway.


    -Gord Frazer-

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