Viral Video: Mountain Dew – ReBrand

mountain_Dew_logoThis is one of the ideas we have for the re brand of the Mountain Dew Logo.


One thought on “Viral Video: Mountain Dew – ReBrand

  1. Hello

    It all looks good so far.

    It’ll be interesting to see how your treatments for: style, color, audio etc., will be handled. i.e.: COLOR–The movie seven/7 has a particular palette, 300 has crushed colors, perhaps over saturation is something you’re considering…I don’t know, SIN CITY…is cool in gray scale with hits of color, vibrant full color, sepia tone(s)…etc,.???? That’s some of what I’m referring to when I say treatments for video.

    You can have a ton of fun with this and make it look very professional on all levels.


    -Gord Frazer-

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