Viral Video: Mountain Dew – Character Sketch

For the concept of our Viral Video for Mountain Dew, there is only a need for one character (Protagonist). This one character will be shot in many different scenes though for the “passing of the Mountain Dew” to be in effect.

Full Name: Aaron Marasigan
Nick Name(s): AJ
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birthday/Year: December 1993
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
Language(s): English & Tagalog (Filipino)
Height: 5’5
Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: 120/Medium Build
Race: Asian – Filipino
Clothing: Preppy Attire/Skater attire
Enemies: N/A
Career/Past Careers: Digital Media Arts
Dreams/Life Goals: Video Production/
Hobbies: Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Basketball, Soccer, Film:
Natural Talents: Skateboarding, sports in general

What is this character’s major goal?

This character’s major goal in this particular film is to advertise Mountain Dew in a different way that hasn’t been done before for Mountain Dew, while showcasing the skills he possesses in the particular sports.

Why is this goal so important to this character?

This goal is so important to this character, because his success in the film leads to the success of the advertisement for Mountain Dew.

Are there any events in the character’s past that affect the significance of this goal?

The events that affect the character’s significance of this goal is his past experience in these particular sports. Which will make it more real instead of having to fake/act the participation of these sports.

Describe your characters life till now, motivations, family situation, pet peeves–anything that comes to you:

The character is very active and loves to participate in sports, more specifically Skateboarding. He also loves to film and edit videos.


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