Proposal: Viral Video – Mountain Dew


Mountain Dew


The main objective to this viral video will be to advertise Mountain Dew, and this will be done by showcasing Mountain Dew as much as possible, but in an interesting way. There are many slogans for Mountain Dew, but the most popular ones are “Do the Dew” and “Dew You.” With these slogans, we are looking at doing an edgy viral video/commercial showcasing sports. The concept of the video will be to do a ‘supposed’ one take shot where it will look like the Mountain Dew is being passed on between characters in different shots. While they are being passed between the characters, these characters will be participating in a different sport. The video will be one-minute in length.


Jay-Z: Blueprint 2 (Instrumental)


Week 4: Finalize Video Concept
Week 5: Storyboard
Week 6: Cast & Location
Week 7: Plan Schedules with cast
Week 8: Begin Recording
Week 9: Finish Recording
Week 10: If any problems occur with recording, this is the week to resolve
Week 11: Edit
Week 12-13: Finalize everything

Group Members: Aaron Marasigan & Kevin Vinzon


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