Re-Brand Assignment (Final)

Vans - Black on White

Vans – Black on White

Vans - White On Black

Vans – White On Black

Vans - Logo Boxes

Vans – Logo Boxes

Core Purpose: Vans designs and sells footwear and apparel for casual wear and for use in activities such as skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, BMX, and motocross.

Vision: Looking for a new style, a new re-brand. Vans are simple, laid back and sporty while looking cool and fashionable. We want more exposure and it’s always about getting more customers, and of course, brand recognition.

Mission: Everyday we are looking at new ways to sell our product and make it as “up-to-date” because of the fast evolving nature of the society’s fashion. However, while doing this, keeping our originality and our own special look with our shoes. We also sponsor many events and many athletes in order to continue getting our name out there.

Values: Vans shoes, Vans watches, and Vans snowboard boots will continue to evolve through style and technology that provide riders with style, comfort and performance.

Position: Although Vans shoes were originally designed for skateboarders, most young people wear our shoes because of the style, comfort and the long lasting durability of the shoes.

Positioning Statement: We will continue to make our shoes stylish, comforting and long lasting while keeping up with the crowd and by knowing what young people want.

Character: Our shoes and our clothing are over the top in terms of quality, however we will continue to keep our prices low to make our products affordable to teens and young adults.


One thought on “Re-Brand Assignment (Final)

  1. Hi Kevin

    Thanks for the info.

    It’s easy to read/ follow. The logo looks fine…I’m not positive you need the outline around the arrow or not but it’s your choice.

    Typically…unless an outline is really adding any definitive value…it may not be needed.


    -Gord Frazer-

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