Flash Is Dead

In my opinion, I do believe Flash is dead to an extent. Flash has already been kicked out of the mobile area. Apple was one of Adobe’s first biggest companies to be working with and with this, Apple and Adobe has had a long relationship. Now, Apple and Adobe (Flash) do not longer work together because of the many problems that come with Flash.

Evidently, Flash as not really worked well with mobile devices and when Adobe has been asked to show proof that it actually does work well with mobile, it has never happened and has never been shown. However, I do agree that Flash is a very successful business for Adobe, but mainly for PC, and really, Flash was created during the PC area. Now that the world is going more towards mobile, Flash is having difficulty migrating into that era of mobility, which makes it fall short and makes it seem like Flash is dead.

With Flash being so successful during the PC area, and mainly in PC’s it is now even being slowly replaced if it hasn’t already been with HTML5. Adobe stated in 2011: HTML5 is the “best solution for creating and deploying content in the browser across mobile platforms.” Now HTML5 is the way to go with mobile devices, and even with PC’s now. So in my opinion, I do believe that if Flash isn’t dead yet, its getting there.


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