Skateboard Deck Design

This is my submission for the Skateboard deck For our Sketching for Communications class. The theme was obviously “Predator” and this is what i came up with. Just a very simple design of a common and well known predator, the Wolf. In this design i simply laid out the text with a scratch in the words. Then creating the silhouette’s of the different prey that the Wolf likes to hunt or kill. To finish i I added the habitat of many wolves, the forest.


Video Game Review

Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 3

Company  Activision, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games
Available Platforms  PlayStation 3, Xbox 360,  PC, Wii, Nintendo DS
Genre  Action
ESRB Rating  Mature
For a game like Modern Warfare 3 , a “Mature” Rating is very appropriate. With the use of weapons and the amount of violence portrayed in this game, Mature is very appropriate. This game should only be played by teenagers that are 17+ years of age. Kids under this age should not be playing because of the amount of violence and killing that is portrayed in this First Person Shooter.

Story   Modern Warfare 3 takes place in the year 2016. In this story, the gamer is playing a character named Yuri, a former Spetsnaz most of the time. Yuri carries a grudge against Makarov (the villain) because of there history together. Makarov’s only mission is to basically destroy the world and to create as much destruction as he can. With the help of Captain Price, Soap and your comrades, you all team up to rid Makarov of his plans and his life. The plot takes place worldwide and shows destruction like you’ve never seen before. Objective of the game, kill Makarov.





Graphics 4/5 – Graphics as always, is almost realistic making the game a better experience for gamers around.
Audio 5/5 – Sound effects from gunshots, to explosions to helicopters, the sounds in the game are impressive. Especially with a Sound Surround System or just any average Sound System, gamers will be surrounded by remarkable sounds of war. Story Mode Game Play 4/5 – With the continuation of the story from Modern Warfare 2, gamers will find themselves travelling around the world, however with destruction every turn they take. The story is amazing however, only downfall is the short duration of the story.
Difficulty 3/5 – In the Campaign Mode, difficulty is not really that much difficult. For ‘real’ gamers, getting through the story mode is ease and takes no time at all to finish the entire Campaign.
Multiplayer Game Play  5/5 – The Call Of Duty series is known for there amazing multiplayer gameplay. In their new installment (MW3), they really brought all the cards off the table. New killstreak system, perk system, gun system, different but better. With everything being thought of, Modern Warfare 3 will be a hard one to beat in the multiplayer gameplay side of things.






DMA 101 – Character Illustration : Ninja

Finished Product

This is my submission for the Character Illustration project for my New Media Tools course. We were required to find and select a sketch with detail and vectorize and color it in Adobe Illustrator. I found the sketch on and it is by Nemafronspain – This project really did take time to finish however, it was fun. The main problem I came across upon doing this was just basically figuring out which layers go on top of which and to make sure everything was connected, no white spaces. But in total, I didn’t have to much trouble completing this, just a lot of time. I am glad of how it turned out in the end and hope to be doing more of these in the future.