Social Media Profile

Social Media Profile

1)   I am involved in many Social Media Venues. I am involved in Facebook, Twitter, Gaming (PlayStation 3) , Youtube, BlackBerry Messenger, Skype and WordPress.

2)   Facebook – 594 contacts
Twitter – 134 contacts
PlayStation 3 – 31
YouTube – 1000+ contacts (subscribers)
BlackBerry Messenger – 69 contacts
Skype – 16 contacts

3)   Facebook – approx. 4 times a day
Twitter – approx. 6 times a day
PlayStation 3 – 4+ hours a day
YouTube – 1-2 hours a day
BlackBerry Messenger – 2 times a day
Skype – Once a day, 1-2 hours
Wordpress – Once a day

4)   Facebook – Upload pictures, Make Events
Twitter – Random posts, Things I do
PlayStation 3 – Play games such as Modern Warfare 3, interact with others through headsets
YouTube – Upload videos, comment on videos
BlackBerry Messenger – Contact with my friends, send pictures
Skype – Send Pictures, video chat
Wordpress – Blog posts, Post Assignments

5)   In my opinion, and the way I see it, I am involved in all the Social Media Venues that are “in” now. Maybe because of the fact that everyone just does, and everyone has it, I have been influenced to be a part of it.

6)   PlayStation 3 – I use the PlayStation 3 the most because it is the most entertaining to me. At the same time I am playing my games, I am able to communicate with my friends through the headset.

7)   Social Media does in fact paly a prominent role in my day-to-day life. Everyday I am on it and for quite some time. I believe that for me, and for most teenagers, Social Media has become the main source of communication and which is why in fact I use it. Not only that, but it has become something I can share my life with. Status Updates, Pictures, Videos, anything that has to do with me can now be shown online to my friends and to the world. I don’t necessarily think it is a bad thing because now more people can be easily communicated with a few pushes of buttons. So yes, I do believe and am proud to say that Social Media plays a prominent role in my life.


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