We had to take and edit a Self-Portrait for our Digital Photography Class, this is what I came up with that describes me.


Audi R8 Design

Screenshot #1

After putting my Main Picture up, I wanted to be able to have categories on it as well so people would be able to click for more information. The problem I had for a while was trying to figure out how to go about designing the feature to look appealing. This was my first idea but knew I had to change it.

Screenshot #2

Once spending time thinking about how to design the categories, I was finally able to create something that looked appealing to me. Once i got that figured out, I placed the Logo and the Navigation bar at the top to make it look more official.

Finished Product

Everything started coming together, the navigation bar, logo and finally the Category section or the “Task Bar”. I was happy with how it came out and just put finishing touches to make it look better. I was going for a very simple but sophisticated and modern look.

Final Product #2

This is just another version of the website. Just using another visual for the Main Picture

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